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Dr. Penny Armstrong brings over thirty years of professional experience in school leadership and change initiatives.  With a broad background in teaching and school administration,

she speaks with authority and personal knowledge about the challenges facing our teachers and our schools today.


The following workshops are available individually, for small groups or as full district level professional development programs.  

S'COOL MOVES                       Founder Dr. Deb M. Wilson
S'cool Moves is a comprehensive teacher development program that combines behavior management strategies with best instructional practices to improve classroom management strategies and student outcomes.  

  In an engaging two-day workshop we cover:

  • An overview of neuroscience research and brain development as they relate to best teaching practices in the classroom.

  • Strategies to improve student self-regulation, focus, and developmental skills.

  • Advanced strategies for middle and high school students with special needs.

  • A set of materials for easy application in the classroom or clinic setting are included.


Classroom teachers are dealing with increasing numbers of students who are identified with complex learning and emotional challenges and trauma.  These  needs directly impact the academic and social successes of students and also take an emotional toll on teachers and support staff.  This workshop introduces teachers and support staff to the nervous system and presents ways to monitor and manage the effects of emotions and trauma in daily classroom practice. 

In a one-day workshop, we provide:

  • An introduction into the nervous system and emotional development.

  • An examination of the ebb and flow of the Autonomic Nervous System and the Polyvagal Theory for teachers and students.

  • Trigger points in the school day.

  • Strategies to co-regulate nervous systems in the classroom.

  • School applications for student and teacher well-being.


When considering change, it is important to consider the many levels of leadership and the role each level plays in the success of change initiatives. We offer leadership seminars to establish procedures that are inclusive and clearly defined to meet the change objectives.

  • Working with Boards and Administrators to define and implement action plans of improvement.

  • Training department leadership in the supervision of new skills implementation.

  • Training department chairs in collaborative leadership within departments and in applications of interdisciplinary studies.

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