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Dr. Penny Armstrong brings over thirty years of professional experience in school leadership and change initiatives. She is a leader in the fields of emotional wellness and human development and is a board certified Life and Wellness Coach.  She holds specialist certifications  in personal and organizational change along with added certifications in Sexual and Gender Justice and Simplicity Parenting.  As a career educator, public speaker and Life Coach, she provides support and guidance in the areas of personal growth, parenting and family dynamics, and sustainable organizational change. 

While earning her doctorate (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership from St. Thomas University, Dr. Armstrong worked in both elementary and secondary public school administration including  two years working in an alternative high school serving inner city youth and young adults. Her Dissertation was completed in 1999. This research was later re-written for public distribution and was published by Rowman and Littlefield in 2008. The book, What Teachers Can Expect in Reform, is available through commercial distribution web sites and used in graduate level instruction.  She was a contributing author to The Value of Academic Discourse, published by Rowman and Littlefield in 2015. 


In recent years, Dr. Armstrong has expanded her school leadership to  include workshops in support of schools and classrooms teachers.  She is a certified regional trainer for S'Cool Moves and provides teacher workshops on classroom management management strategies and administrative supports in Colorado and Texas.  


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